GQ4 新世代防菌消毒液 (港九獸醫選用) GQ4 新世代防菌消毒產品 (港九獸醫選用) GQ4是一種先進消毒劑,專門針對病毒,細菌,真菌及海澡等進行消毒。其化學成份之協同作用使GQ4成為一種高效率消毒劑,能快速消滅細菌,真菌,病毒主要幹體及其所繁生的細菌。GQ4能有效防止細菌活動,其強大的表面層活動能力有效令細菌表面容易被穿透,並使它能進入細菌核心,破壞細菌 Product #: direct-GQ4 新世代防菌消毒液 (港九獸醫選用) 2024-12-06 Regular price: $HKD$118.0 Available from: DIRECT 清潔護理In stock Used these GQ4 & Eco pet fresh for years with excellent result. I kept order it from DIRECT (by whatsapp) and they are reliable and friendly. Now found the company newly upgrade the ordering platform here with much more easy to choose products and payment, no bank transfers any more : ) In short, DIRECT is a trusted Co. , products hv high CP value and help alot for those pet owners like me. 5 1 5 1 1 5 1 5.0